Caulier is a brand with long historical roots back to 1842.
It still has a strong presence in the collective memory of the Belgium beer aficionados.
7 Belgium beer drinkers out of 10 know the name of Caulier.
Today Caulier beers are the only naturally sugar free beers in the market.
They are the only light beers that won several competitions.

Caulier, the only naturally sugar free beer. No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no colourants.

Caulier has roots in Neufvilles (Soignies) in 1842.
In 1855, with the development of the business, the brewery acquired the “Brasserie du Pont de Londres” in Mons.
In 1873, Edmond Caulier bought a third brewery in Brussels, rue Henry 31 in the North part of town.
In 1888, Edmond unified the three breweries and invested in low fermentation processes.

When he died in 1893, his children took over under the name “Caulier Frères”. In 1895, they registred the name “Brasserie Caulier”, n°4 to 26 rue Henry. The stables were n°27 to 31 and the bottling were 18-24 rue Willem Demol. In 1959, the brewery was transformed in “Société anonyme” and merged with the brewery Imperial. On 30 September 1960, the brewery became “SA Brasserie de Ghlin”. A brand new brewery moved to Ghlin.

The offices remained in Bruxelles till 1971 when the brewery had to move out because of a massive real estate project, the project “Manhattan”. In the seventies, the brewery got bankrupt. Under the supervision of the Prime Minister Leburton, who wanted to protect the workers, Artois and Piedboeuf were called in to set up a secret agreement to take over the brewery. The new partners invested in Ghlin under the SA Brassico to produce the Jupiler 5. They stopped all but one brand of the former Brasserie Caulier.  In 1993 they closed down the factory. The brewery became what is known today as the “Expo Centre Mons”.

It is told that this secret venture set up the very ground for the creation of what became Belbrew, Interbrew, Inbev and eventually AB Inbev.

Still today, the former rue Centrale in Neufville, where the adventure started in 1842, is named rue Caulier. The former building has been put down, but the school of the village still bare proudly the brewery flagship beer.

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