The Caulier 28 has always been the historical premium brand of the brewery. The Caulier 28 is a line of beers dedicated to bars and Geeks. They are bottled in traditional bottles with traditional labels. They are produced at Proef Brouwerij using premium ingredients in small batches of 140 htl. This line is exclusive. The purpose of this line is to anchor the recognition that Caulier light beers have a lot of taste. They are extra taste. We brought those beers to international competitions and we already won three prices. 


Caulier 28 Pale ale

Alcohol: 5°
Degree Plato: 9
EBC: 8
IBU: 30
Calorie: 28kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Citrus from the Simcoe dry hopping and toast from malt flavor.
Bubbles are thin and light. The beer is dry as all Caulier beers.
The taste wille settle gently in your mouth and give you a perception of freshness that comes from the natural carbonation eliminating all carbs.


Caulier 28 White Oak IPA

Alcohol: 5,5°
Degree Plato: 8,7
EBC: 9
IBU: 20
Calorie: 28kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Lightly milky white color. Rich flavors of citrus and passion fruit that give the Galaxy, the exoticism of Kumquat, the spice of the peppercorns.
Particular and original taste of a bottle fermentation after aging in barrels french oak .


Caulier 28 Tripel

Alcohol: 9°
Degree Plato: 20
EBC: 23
IBU: 40,7
Calorie: 50,4 kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

This is not an odinary belgium sugary triple.
Tough the honey still gives some impression of sugar, mango en citrus from 5 hopes will give you an unusual a long very stable taste in mouth.
No wonder this beer won several international awards and is year round on tap in top bars and restaurants.


Caulier 28 Brett

Alcohol: 7,5°
Degree Plato: 16,5
EBC: 40
IBU: 30
Calorie: 35 kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Flavor of nuts from Brettanomyce yeast, violets, fruit and herbs from the dry hopping and the malts.
This beer is delicate and develops its taste in your mouth with a soft nice length.


Caulier 28 Imperial Stout

Alcohol: 12°
Degree Plato: 22
EBC: 120
IBU: 60
Calorie: 67,2 kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

12 ° brewed with smoked malt,a chipotle chili, Robusta coffee. Black intense color. Intensity of alcohol and honey resulting primarily smoked malt and whiskey barrels. Surprisingly light despite the alcohol .It reveals powerful and persistent palate.


Caulier 28 Saison

Alcohol: 5°
Degree Plato: 12
EBC: 9
IBU: 35
Calorie: 28 kcal

33cl, 30L (Slimline)

Typical Belgian beer “Saison” . Three hops selected for their aromas and flavors of citrus, fruits and undergrowth.
The combination offers a great power, a very balanced bitterness and smooth. Lenght and persistent surprising with its low alcohol.


Caulier advises a moderate consumption of his beers.

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Beer brewed with care, to be consumed carefully.


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